Sigil, the City of Doors

Sigil is the bustling crossroads of the universe, full of portals leading to every known corner of the planes.

Population: Approximately 250,000. Representatives of nearly every race and monstrous kind can be found somewhere in the city.

Government and Defense: The only being in Sigil who wields any real authority is the mysterious Lady of Pain, the uncaring guardian and protector of the city. The touch of her gaze causes wounds to spout blood, and her smallest gesture can banish someone or somethinginto an endless maze spawned in a pocket dimension.

The Lady’s presence is said to prevent deities, demon princes, primordials, and beings of similar power from entering the City of Doors, and the fear of her is sufficient to keep a modicum of order in the streets. Crime is common, but rebellion is unthinkable.

Inns and Taverns: Sigil’s inns and taverns cater to diverse clientele. Efreets from the City of Brass can find flaming halls of sumptuous luxury. Devils can enjoy a night spent inunthinkable debauchery. A traveler might lodge in an inn whose interior is like a twilit fey grove or a sunless cavern, or eat in a place that’s virtually indistinguishable from Fallcrest’s Blue Moon Alehouse.

Supplies: The Grand Bazaar, located in the city’s Market Ward, is a huge square overflowing into side streets, alleyways, and even nearby taverns. It is filled withcaravan tents and market stalls. It pales in comparison to the bazaars and markets of the City of Brass, but deals in commerce appropriate to the size of the city. Other marketplaces spring up in many places throughout the city. Most appear during the day, but some appear only at night.

Temples: Temples to all the deities—including evil gods whose shrines are rarely seen in civilized lands—can be found in the streets of Sigil. Most of them are small, andfew claim any significant power in the city’s affairs.

Sigil, the City of Doors

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